The first timers guide to river cruises

Everything you need to know about river cruising, including advice from industry experts and the Emerald Waterways team

River cruising is the perfect way to experience some of the most beautiful waterways of the world like never before. It’s intimate, relaxed and offers day after day of amazing discovery.

With Rhine, Main, Danube, Douro, Rhône, and Mekong itineraries to choose from, the variety Emerald Waterways offers ensures there’s something for the rookie river cruiser no matter what they might look for in a holiday. From the opulent drama of the Danube to the Mekong’s colourful history, you pick the pace and setting that suits you, whether you’re relaxing on our Sun Deck, watching the landscapes of the Douro Valley unfold, or getting to the essence of local life with a guided tour through Avignon.

For those who have never set foot on a river cruise before, you might have a wealth of questions and queries raised by the prospect of navigating beautiful waterways. After all, river cruising is an entirely new experience for many, but its unfamiliarity gives way to boundless wonder and treasured memories, wherever in the world you find yourself.

Whether you’re wondering about the differences in river cruises, how much to pack, budgeting considerations and what to expect from your time on-board, this guide will answer these queries and a whole lot more.

With personal accounts from a range of cruise experts, our favourite bloggers and journalists, as well as Emerald Waterway’s own customers, this guide offers plenty of expert insight into river cruising. Together, we’ll open you up to the wonderful world of the river cruise. Packed with need-to-know information, handy how-to guides and guest contributions, be sure to give this cruising chronicle a read through before you book.

The first timer's guide to river cruises
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