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Enjoy your European vacation with Emerald Waterways to the fullest. Your included tours and excursions take you through many of Europe's must-see sights and local hidden gems, at every port of call. Our EmeraldPLUS program provide you the opportunity to experience some of Europe’s more unique, in-depth cultural discoveries, at no additional charge. Explore even further with our Discover More itinerary options, or extend your stay at your initial or final destination.

New, Every Morning

Awaken each day to exciting discoveries on your included excursions with Emerald Waterways. Our highly knowledgeable, fluently English-speaking local guides will take you on an insightful tour almost daily, bringing each destination to rich, vibrant life. As your guide skilfully paints you a picture of the local culture’s exciting history and most fascinating hidden gems, our provided headsets ensure you can hear your guide as you explore, so you don’t miss a single thing.

Uniquely EmeraldPLUS

Discover more with our EmeraldPLUS at select destinations, at no additional charge, and go way beyond the standard tourist offerings to a richer, more authentic experience of local European culture. For example, in Amsterdam you can enjoy a leisurely EmeraldPLUS visit to the lush Keukenhof Gardens, beloved as the world's most beautiful in the spring, or go for a picturesque cruise through the city’s maze of canals.

Extend your enjoyment

If you’re yearning to explore more, or if you’re not quite ready for your trip to be over, why not book an extra two or three nights’ stay at your initial or final destination? If you book through us, we can arrange for your stay at a centrally located hotel with complimentary breakfast, and include the transfers to or from the ship, your hotel, and the airport.

Yes, you can Discover More

Our carefully curated itineraries already offer you the flexibility and free time to explore the way you want, and with our Discover More options and choices, you’ll add even more richness to your vacation experience.

Enhance your river cruise with Emerald Plus

Enhance your river cruise with Emerald Plus

Emerald Waterways

On all Emerald Waterways cruises, you can now enjoy at least one enhanced on shore experience with Emerald Plus. Emerald Plus is the name we like to give to our experiences that go beyond the usual tourist highlights and really open your eyes to European culture. What makes them extra special is that you'll enjoy them at no extra cost.

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