Rhône and Saône Rivers

Experience the charming Rhône valley of southern France.

Vive la France

Few countries inspire travellers quite like France, a culture of elegance and fine cuisine exists with the most picturesque of backdrops and exquisite architecture. 

The Rhône River combines natural beauty with cultural and historical charm. France has produced world renowned gastronomic delights as well as some of the finest wines. There is a blend of Roman, Greek, and French art and Architecture to savor along the riverbanks.

The Rhône is a beautiful river, wending its way from the Swiss Alps maritime through Provence, with port calls in the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Arles and Avignon, once home to the Papacy, tours of the Beaujolais wine region, visits to quaint villages like Tournon, Viviers, and Lyon, France’s culinary heart. Romantic settings, quaint villages, stunning scenery, French flavours and rolling vineyards are yours to discover on two exciting France river cruise itineraries through the south of France on board our Emerald Liberté Star-Ship, with several city add-ons and extensions to customize your vacation.

EmeraldDISCOVERY Experiences

When you sail the romantic Rhône, you'll discover romantic landscapes and spectacular historical landmarks. With our included EmeraldEXCURSIONS, extra-special EmeraldPLUS experiences and EmeraldACTIVE program, you will see France’s famous tourist hotspots, as well as the hidden gems bringing this charming country to life.

You will have the opportunity to enjoy an EmeraldEXCURSION almost every day of you Rhône river cruise, from guided tours of Lyon and Arles to a visit to a Châteauneuf-du-Pape wine estate, all handpicked by our expert Journey Planners. Whether you are in the ‘gastronomic capital of the world’ Lyon, wine-tasting your way through Burgundy or truffle hunting in Tournus, our EmeraldPLUS experiences in France are perfect for foodies and wine-lovers alike.

See the destinations we visit in a different light with our guided bicycles tours and take part in a morning yoga class on the Sun Deck with your Activity Manager, before a guided hike through vineyards in Tournon or embark on a canoeing experience in Avignon – all part of our EmeraldACTIVE program.

An undoubted highlight of both our French river cruises is an extra-special Provençal evening hosted by Top Chef finalist Fabian Morreale. Hear all about this extra-special event in our video highlight.