Rhine River

Experience the Rhine

Cruise the Rhine and sail past some of Europe’s most stunning landscapes. Crossing760 miles, from its source high in the Swiss Alps to Rotterdam on the North Sea, it passes six western European countries, passing through a variety of spectacular landscapes. The Rhine is oft the subject of poets, composers, artists, and writers, drawing on both its folklore and its long history. For fairytale scenery it’s hard to surpass.

A cruise on the Rhine River suits many, from nature enthusiasts, history buffs, and food and wine lovers. Anyone who appreciates breathtaking scenery combined with fun-loving local customs and distinctive local fare will enjoy sailing along the Rhine. The ports visited along the Rhine are nicely varied, featuring German villages such as Regensburg and Passau, Austrian wine country towns like Melk and Durnstein, and metropolitan city highlights like Vienna and Budapest.

Rhine River Cruises