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The Douro runs through one of Europe’s most beautiful stretches of countryside, flanked by vineyards under the warming Portuguese sun.

Discover Portugal's enchanting countryside

Flowing from the heart of central Spain to the splendour of the Portuguese city of Porto, the Douro, one of the Iberian Peninsula’s major river highlights, is steeped in history, effortless beauty and enormous amounts of grandeur.
Our Secrets of the Douro river cruise takes you on an unforgettable journey through the picturesque northern stretches of beautiful Portugal. The round trip from the ancient city of Porto slowly curves around the dramatic and awe-inspiring landscape of the Douro Valley, with seemingly endless rows of peaceful vineyards gazing down over the water.

Visit tiny villages and family-owned wineries, steeped in tradition, which produce some of the world’s finest and best-loved fortified wines. The famous port wine of the Douro Valley has been grown and produced here for centuries, and has helped to cultivate the most delightful of landscapes.

As the Douro ebbs towards the Spanish border, you’ll be given the chance to continue your journey onto Salamanca, Spain’s golden city. The glow of the ancient sandstone buildings of Salamanca welcomes you to one of the continent’s most beguiling settlements, which contain some of the continent’s finest examples of medieval architecture.
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A UNESCO World Heritage Site: The Douro valley

As one of the oldest continually inhabited regions in Europe, northern Portugal has a colourful timeline dating back to the Neolithic period. From the Celts and Romans to the Moors and the Spanish; many civilizations have influenced the shaping of Portugal throughout history – gifting the country an incredible array of antiquities and cultural highlights.

Explore the architectural marvels of Porto, from the magnificent Palácio da Bolsa to the 12th-century Sé do Porto Cathedral, or step back in time at the exquisite Mateus Palace. Vega de Terron boasts its share of ancient infrastructure, including the charming village of Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, while the Spanish city of Salamanca, located just beyond the Portuguese border, offers a feast of inspirational buildings in its UNESCO World Heritage-listed centre.

Portugal's charming capital, Lisbon

Portugal’s stylish capital, Lisbon, is the perfect place for relaxed exploration, with charming streets criss-crossing its squa res and plazas. Traditional shops, restaurants, bars and cafés line the cobbled streets of Lisbon, welcoming you with rustic cooking, warming spirits and ornate, hand-made souvenirs.

With monasteries, castles and museums aplenty to explore, a few days in Lisbon is a wonderful addition to a river cruise in Portugal. One of the city’s most special experiences arrives as the sun begins to set. Lisbon locals have a taste for ginjinha, a liqueur containing infused ginja berries. Small hole-in-the-wall ‘A Ginjinha’ bars specialize in serving short measures of the drink for the locals who will slowly make their way around the city from one A Ginjinha to the next, sipping the sweet liqueur and taking in the grandeur of the city

Emerald Radiance

From design to Douro, this time lapse video showcases our intimate Emerald Radiance Star-Ship as it comes to sail along the stunning Douro river.

Hear from Cruise Director Rachel

Navigating the beautiful Douro year round, Cruise Director Rachel knows these enchanting waterways like the back of her hand. Journey with her through Portugal's charming and mysterious countryside, offering a snapshot into this unmistakable gem.

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